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Power Recall Journey

Everyday we leak power. From the petty argument that you keep replaying to the bigger life trauma’s - imagine your body as a bucket, leaving parts of yourself everywhere you go, letting your energy be drained by the past - until there’s nothing left for you.

An old relationship, never ending diet cycles, unable to recover from the loss of a loved one, staying in a job you hate, or generally feeling powerless - are all symptoms of power loss.

In this journey you’ll take your power back from all of the places it’s been lost ad you’ll be shocked at some of the ways you are leaking power. We’ll restore your power leaving you feeling confident, alert, present in your life.


We lose and leak power all day, everyday.   

Whether it's through thoughts, beliefs, fear or experiences with other people, we walk around leaving parts of ourselves with other people, at places. 

Other people also keep parts of us. 

Overthinking? Negative thinking? Scrolling too much? Can't let things go or move on? Working in a toxic environment? Had a bad breakup? On the struggle bus? 

All power loss. 

Taking back your power is taking back your life.  

By journeying to the inner world, you will find people, places, experiences in which your power is being taken or where you are leaking or leaving it behind and you'll recall that power, closing the leak, taking back all of you!


What you'll get:

  • 23 Minute Guided Journey to retrieve your power
  • Journal Prompts 
  • Learn how to keep or call back your power quickly every day. 

How it's delivered:

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