Create Lasting Change.


Creating obtainable change is easy, but creating sustainable change that lasts long term isn't as easy... until now.



Everything we do is to meet a need. 

Sometimes the choices we make just don't make sense. We say we want to lose weight, but 10 minutes later we are eating food not aligned with our goals, right?

Or you've promised yourself that you will NOT buy things you can't afford but that one click amazon button will not quit. 

No matter what you want to change, the change it hard because you've been conditioned to do that thing you're doing to meet a need. 

Sometimes that need is so embedded the "choice" happens in nanoseconds - literally before you know what you're doing consciously, it's "done". 

Or you consistently fight with yourself for "tomorrow" or the "next time". 


Learn actionable solutions and tools for lasting change.

Creating change is about changing your formulas. 

Interrupt the pattern, change the pattern. 

Change the story, change your beliefs, change your life. 

The formula for change is simple but not easy. 

That's why I created EMBODY. A 60 minute workshop that helps you understand WHY you do what you do, the BELIEFS you carry, the STORIES you tell and give you the formula's you need to create lasting change. 

I take my high level retreat and 1:1 clients through this exact formula. You are already embodying what you have. Now it's time to embody what you want. 

Complete with a habit tracker, downloadable PDF's with an easy to use formula, and journal prompts to help you - this is THE workshop you need if you're ready to FINALLY change that thing you've wanted to change forever. 

What my clients say:


I actually feel more motivated to tackle some behaviours that I was starting to ignore.  This course is short and it simplifies a very important process of tackling behaviours.

- Dana Boldt


This course changed how I think about change. I feel I have tools and strategies that are easy to use as a starting point.

-Victoria Cernjak


I am so happy I took this course - "what if it gets to be easy"  to approach a lifelong problem of overeating/weight and the resulting spirals changed everything for me.

-Andrea Hounsell


  • 60 Min Workshop
  • Downloadable Tracking Forms
  • Journal Prompts
  • Lasting change  😃