Tonya Whittle

Researcher | Writer | Speaker | Course Developer




Tonya Whittle's groundbreaking work in human behaviour delves into the intricate web of women's social and cultural conditioning, exploring its impact on fulfillment, power dynamics, and gender diversity across various sectors and industries. Her mission is to dismantle centuries-old narratives that hinder women's progress and to redefine the societal norms surrounding women and power.

Tonya's company is dedicated to fostering the professional growth of women by empowering them to reach their fullest potential through courses developed by women for women. Her approach involves thorough research of issues, writing, and offering professional development courses, leadership training, coaching, and collaborating with organizations to design programs that foster women's success.

Tonya Whittle, the Owner/Founder, is a specialist in human behavior, comprehending the social and cultural factors contributing to women's disadvantages in the workplace and world. Leveraging her expertise, she aids women in overcoming obstacles while concurrently partnering with organizations and industries to cultivate environments committed to challenging the societal norms that hold women back in the professional sphere.

We actively encourage collaboration with men, recognizing that our collective efforts can generate a more significant impact and bring about positive change.

Tonya also hosts leadership, courses, and talks with men's groups in how to work with, mentor and collaborate with women. 

Potential, Unleashed.

We specialize in providing transformative learning experiences across sectors and industries.


Tonya collaborates with business owners, companies and organizations, guiding them through strategic planning and research and development processes. Her expertise lies in identifying and addressing barriers that women encounter while entering and advancing within organizations. By offering innovative solutions, she aims to foster gender equality and create a supportive environment that facilitates women's career growth and progression.



World class professional development! Live, on demand, corporate and executive training. Tonya's work truly moves the needle on challenges and creates real tangible changes for individuals and organizations.



Transform your potential through executive, leadership, and high-performance coaching. Our collaborative approach meets you where you are, bridging the gap between where you are and where you want to be. Together, we'll reshape your narratives, behaviours, and skills, eliminating obstacles that hold you back from becoming your most successful self.



"riveting" "inspirational" and "life changing" are words used to describe Tonya's keynote speaking. Custom keynotes or choose from signature list of engagements. 



From full retreats to short events, discover experiences guided and directed by Tonya Whittle to empower women to the next level of life and business.







Called a "sage with words" Tonya's books are inspiring people everywhere to live a life they love. Filled with wisdom and tidbits from life's challenges, her words have people reflecting on what living an authentic and empowered life means. 



With Free & Paid Options, Tonya's blog is a call to action on issues and challenges facing us and how to overcome them. Using her own life as a backdrop, she weaves an authentic experience for readers. 




Awakening Pandora 
Hosted by Tonya Whittle, this podcast brings you powerful conversations about the true empowerment of women. 




As a consultant/ researcher/educator in women's empowerment, Tonya Whittle's own path of self-discovery led her to truth of women's empowerment. Tonya's work has mastered the art of  helping women reclaim their authentic power. Women inherently possess an instinctual and powerful nature, are natural leaders and truly capable of anything, but societal conditioning has systematically constrained women, confining them within societal expectations and hindering the fulfilment of their highest and true potential. Tonya's work uses history, social theory and modern day professional development to rewrite the narrative of women's place in the workplace and in the world. 

Tara Cornick

“Working with Tonya is life changing. I have a good life but I knew there was more and I wanted it! I wanted to release emotions and stories that I no longer needed. I felt something was missing and Tonya helped me go deep and see what was really getting in the way of my happiness. I had read lots of self help books and that started my journey but nothing comes close to working with Tonya. She helped me find my own answers to the questions I had. She uncovered things that I would never have picked up on myself.”

Chrissy Corbett

“I’ve worked with Tonya for a number of years. I’ve completed multiple programs and attended multiple retreats. To say I feel like a different person from where I began to where I am now doesn’t feel like enough. Tonya has helped me in leaps and bounds. I once lived in fear of what the future would bring and now I’m excited for it.”

Jennifer Reid

“Perhaps the most important piece that I have learned from working with Tonya is to speak your truth. She is an incredible role model as she openly shares her successes, challenges and journey with participants which make the experience incredibly authentic. Through her programs I have learned to be true to myself, to find the pieces that best fit for me, but to also stand the course - to find the balance between flow and force. Sometimes we waiver and need to take the time for flow and play, and then there are times where we need to put in the work, continue down our own paths and discover more of our truths.”