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A Journey of Self Discovery, Healing, and Empowerment To Reclaim Your Personal Power through Soul Retrieval.

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Retrieve The Soul

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Tonya Whittle is an author, coach and guide whose work on Soul Retrieval helps clients reclaim the clarity, power and brilliance of life. 

Empowering women to live extraordinary personal and professional lives through soul work.  

What is Soul Loss?

Soul Loss occurs to everyone for various reasons (major trauma, accidents, surgery, loss as well as the everyday grind of a life that doesn't fulfill you) HELLO MODERN WORLD. 

Soul loss feels like lack of purpose, low drive, numb, just getting through, lost (and many more).

What is Soul Retrieval?

The process of Retrieving The Soul requires an expert (me) to help you find and bring back your fragmented soul parts... The parts of you that you have pushed away, buried, or rejected. It is notable that the soul parts will not stay unless integrated. Integration requires healing the experiences that caused the soul to leave, awakening to the life that's waiting for us, reclaiming the real you  and integrating the parts back into our lives.

Living & Leading With Soul

The people I work with feel worn down in life and work, unfilled, often lacking a deep sense of purpose or meaning and yet knowing that there is more to life, that we aren't meant to live this way. There is a longing to live a deeper, more meaningful life, to feel guided, focused and purposeful. When we reclaim the lost parts of ourselves, a full remembering of who we are, embracing what we want, we can live and lead with fulfillment. 

Retrieving The Soul

With courses, programs, podcasts, and more Tonya offers both personal and professional development to help you live fully, overcoming conditioning, and creating the life and career you truly want. 

Reclaim Your Passion for Life.

Tonya gave me my soul back. I'm a different person now. 

Victoria Cernjak


From lost to found. From head to heart. Tonya took her own journey from the Alpes to Andes in search of herself, only to discover she was inside of herself all along. Discovering ancient wisdom, shamanism, and soul work Tonya reclaimed her own power, took her life back, and lives from the soul. She will teach you what her medicine teachers taught her. 


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A variety of programs, courses, masterminds and events, both in person and virtual guiding you to your fullest power.

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Together, we’ll design a plan for your unique situation. You'll be guided and supported in reclaiming your power and retrieving your soul.





Get Tonya's first book UNCHAINED & immerse yourself in her powerful writing that calls to your own soul as she writes from hers.

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A Journey to the Soul From Head to Heart.

Tonya's story reflects what happens to so many women when they pretend trauma didn’t happen: who they become, what they do, and how they create a vision of themselves for protection. But what happens when the life someone is running from collides with the life they’ve created? Unchained shares Tonya’s own journey through the collapse of a life falsely created, exposing her wounds and forcing the truth. 

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Awakening Pandora Podcast 

Defining ourselves outside of life's conditioning isn't easy. Pandora represents "be careful what you open, start, do, cause, create" keeping women powerless, close to home, afraid and living inside boxes and conditions. Awakening Pandora is a podcast for women unapologetically rising into her power, breaking moulds, reclaiming herself from the centuries of conditioning that has held her back. Hosted by Tonya Whittle, a true wild soul has been on journey of self discovery, reclaiming her wildish nature and living life on her terms, she's bringing powerful conversations on true empowerment to women.

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