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Awakening Pandora 
Hosted by Tonya Whittle, this podcast brings you powerful conversations about the true empowerment of women.

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1:1 Coaching

Tonya helps you overcome unconscious blocks, repattern your behaviors and beliefs, and rewire your nervous system for success in one-on-one sessions.


New Book

Life With Labs

An Unforgettable Story of Love

 This is a remarkable story of a life well lived because of dogs. Join Tonya as she shares the lessons she learned from raising and adventuring with her two chocolate labradors, Tetley & Lexie. Unlikely gurus on life, unruly and wild, Tetley & Lexie come to life on the pages as their explorations outside lead to powerful lessons in how to live life well.

 During their countless adventures, mishaps abound, they bring us to laughter and tears with their antics and larger-than-life personalities. Blended together with stories from everyday life, Life With Labs explores how dogs teach us to be better people.

 Wild, heartwarming and insightful, Life with Labs is a modern love story explored through the unbreakable bond between a woman and her dogs as they embrace an unconventional life.

Tara Cornick

Working with Tonya is life changing. I have a good life but I knew there was more and I wanted it! I wanted to release emotions and stories that I no longer needed. I felt something was missing and Tonya helped me go deep and see what was really getting in the way of my happiness. I had read lots of self help books and that started my journey but nothing comes close to working with Tonya. She helped me find my own answers to the questions I had. She uncovered things that I would never have picked up on myself. She has opened my eyes to many different ways of dealing with difficulties, stress, and anxiety. Tonya is caring, connected, and intuitive!

Heather Burns

I realized the answers I was seeking were inside of me. I just had no idea how to access them. The biggest thing I learned was my own power. I think on some level I always “acted” like an empowered woman externally but really my actions didn’t align with that. Working with Tonya helped me find that authentic power and my life is forever changed!