WOrld class Personal & Professional Development 

Most professional development was designed by men for men. When women started seeking personal and professional development, most work was just "modified" with a WO in front of men, charged the "pink tax" with little curation for the true challenges modern women face. While they may provide a certification, they don't provide a true solution for most women, not to mention, most professional development is still using models that were developed in the 1930's and have not been updated for modern men either!

Tonya Whittle's professional development truly moves the needle for women, and men, because it is designed with the real world challenges that are faced by people. 

Tonya's unique approach is truly unmatched in her ability to unlock results in people and organizations. With a sociological and anthropologic lens through human behaviour, Tonya's education & training, helps us uncover barriers and root causes of the challenges, followed by repatterning narratives and behaviours so you can unlock your full potential. 


Overcome Stress & Worry

Carve out 2 hours for you. Your future self will thank you. 

September 20th 11:30AM EST/1:00PM NST. 

Do something about the damaging effects of worry and stress. Take control of your life back.

In this workshop, we explore how our habits add to our stress levels and find ways to make changes for the better.


Choose The Right Program For You. 

On Demand, Custom & Live Training Available. 

Companies hire Tonya for custom curated training, leadership certification, or in house delivery of workshops and programs. To do this reach out at hello @ to discuss. To register teams or groups for live or demand programs, reach out for custom pricing and structures. 

Leadership Certification

3 & 6 Month Options for teams, companies and individuals. Unlock the leader within. 

Currently available to companies & individuals as custom program. On Demand option coming soon. 

Email hello @ to get started today. 


Energy Management

Forget time management. Time is finite, energy is infinite. With this 4 months programs, executives and teams will be unstoppable in energy and productivity while also creating true work life balance. Currently available to individuals and teams. on demand option coming soon. 

to get started reach out to hello @


Emotional Intelligence Training

Embark on a journey in this high-level EQ training that teaches you step by step how to explore your emotions and unlock the power of your emotions to create unstoppable momentum in your life and career. Currently available to individuals and teams. On Demand version coming soon.


Life Purpose Blueprint

In this 3 month program, discover your life purpose and take massive action on creating a fulfilling life and career by discovering what it is you truly desire and what you are uniquely meant to do. Currently available in small group cohorts (offered live) and to individuals. 


Unconscious Bias


Available as keynote or interactive training for boards, employees, individuals and team training. 

Email hello @ to get started today. 


Bystander Training

Available as a keynote or interactive training for boards, employees, executives and teams. 

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Courses Available Live & In Person (coming soon in On Demand).  

  • Overcoming Negativity/Complaining¬†
  • Effective Communication¬†
  • Having Difficult Conversations
  • Cultivating Courage¬†
  • How to Make Decisions
  • Preventing & Overcoming Burnout¬†
  • Creating and Embracing Change Effectively¬†
  • Assertiveness Training¬†
  • Dream Big. Focus Small. How to Get Things Done.¬†
  • Work Life Balance¬†
  • Advancing Women in Leadership
  • Cultivating Power¬†
  • Dealing with Stress & Worry¬†
  • High Potential Leadership Training¬†
  • Resilience Training¬†
  • Dealing with bullying & sexism in the workplace¬†
  • Dealing with misogyny in the workplace¬†¬†
  • Overcome Tall Poppy Syndrome¬†
  • Confidence, Assertive, in Charge- Leadership for Women in Power
  • Unleash the Power of Women
  • Overcoming Imposter Syndrome
  • Setting boundaries
  • Time Management
  • Preventing & Recovering From Burnout¬†
  • Curating Work Life Balance

These courses are currently available for hire individually and for teams. On demand courses are coming soon. 

If you want to discuss education & training needs, professional and leadership development for your organization, reach out and we can design professional development for your needs. 

Deirdre Andrews

“Working with Tonya privately and in group coaching has been amazing. Tonya has helped guide me to see how my past, my behaviors and expectations had shaped who I was.”

Tara Cornick

“I wanted to release emotions and stories that I no longer needed. I felt something was missing and Tonya helped me go deep and see what was really getting in the way of my happiness.”

Victoria Cernjak

“I learned that I am one bad ass B*tch. That I can make difficult decisions. During coaching I found my voice and really discovered that I can do anything. I believe in myself.”