Tonya Whittle is Founder & Guide at Wild Soul. Through her own journey of seeking, Tonya has discovered the wild that lives within – the instinctual nature we all have inside, but which is conditioned out by modern and mainstream society leaving no room for the human spirit, the soul.

A Quest For The Soul

In her quest for her own healing from childhood trauma and an unfulfilling, traditional corporate life, Tonya began a deep, inner journey taking her from Amazon jungles to mountain peaks, sitting around fires with shamans, and in huts with sages, medicine men and women. She sought out peak-performance coaches, life and business strategists. She walked on fire, jumping from great heights, and faced her every fear to awake a deep ancient wisdom which led her home to herself. It’s there where she discovered the path of our own greatness lives inside of us all and we don’t need to go anywhere but in.

Wild Soul Women

Tonya launched Wild Soul Women, which has now become the Tribe of Wild Soul Women of Wild Soul Living to share her knowledge with other women who felt like she did. As a Strategic Interventionist and Human Behaviorist, Tonya blends modern techniques with ancient wisdom and traditional healing practices to help clients identify and overcome their emotional blocks and re-pattern unhealthy behaviors. She’s a sought-after speaker, workshop facilitator, and leader of regional and international retreats, Tonya helps purpose seeking women reconnect with their personal power.

A Written History

onya has since written a book, Unchained  and regularly writes blogs to share her experiences to empower women to create change. Her podcast, Awakening Pandora  too provides advice and perspectives to women searching for purpose.

A Purposeful Journey

Tonya’s formal education in sociology and criminology, as well as health and fitness, and her past work in womens’ shelters and with homeless populations, informs her work today. She has studied human behavior with Tony Robbins, Chloe Madanes, and Deborah King, she’s been mentored by several shamans and medicine men and women, and is currently studying neuro-linguistic programming and working towards trauma certifications. When she’s not helping others, Tonya can be found world traveling, reading, exploring the woods with her fellow wild souls, on spirit journeys and doing soul work, or romping with her dogs. And she’s always, always learning.


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Kelly Swain (AKA The Queen Witch)

“Tonya holds an incredible and safe space for you and others to fully show up. She is the most authentic woman, that truly lives and loves from heart, showing up so unapologetically as her true self allows you to as well. Tonya welcomes you and takes you on a journey that you aren’t even aware that you’re on. Her preparation, knowledge and intuitive guidance allow her to create a flow that naturally opens and heals. By the end of Wild Woman Lux, I was lighter, clearer and connected. Empowered with a new sense of purpose and the support and means to take me to the next level.”

Dana Boldt

“I’ve done the free programs, private coaching, as well as her Life Purpose Blueprint and Medicine for the Soul programs. I learn something new every single time, but none of it has been as powerful as the in-person retreat. The connection with the other women was deep, powerful, and transformative. I have never sat at a table where I felt I truly belonged until this weekend. I arrived not knowing what I needed to work on or where I needed to level up, but I left with a clear vision of what I want for myself. As an added bonus, I connected with a group of women who are inspiring and supportive. This quick trip from Ontario was life changing and worth every cent.”

A Journey to the Soul

Read Unchained: A Journey to the Soul from Head to Heart and discover Tonya Whittle’s story of becoming.


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