Cultivate CHANGE 

Women's empowerment consulting plays a crucial role in driving positive social change, building a more equitable society, and unlocking the immense potential that women hold across the world. It is a collaborative and empowering approach that contributes to a more inclusive and progressive future for all.

How I Work

Providing a specialized service to companies, governments, NGO's, and businesses, I provide strategic planning, research and development, education and training services and consulting to promote and advancing the rights, opportunities, and overall well-being of women in companies and industries. 

By providing guidance, support, and strategic solutions to individuals, organizations, and communities, I help foster gender equality and empowering women to reach their full potential.

Working primarily within male dominated industries, with male boards and allies, I work with unconscious biases, research and data, to help identify problems and develop solutions to increase women in the industries, as well as fostering the growth of those women. 

Together, we identify issues and obstacles facing women in the organization and industry, as well as barriers to entering the field, and together we create a workable and cohesive strategic plan to address the issues and create a more equal workforce and workplace where women can thrive. 


Some of our clients:

NLCA - Newfoundland & Labrador Construction Association

Women In Construction

NLCA - Provincial Board


Office to Advance Women Apprentices

Burin Peninsula Violence Prevention/Grace Sparkes House /Miles For Smiles

Choices For Youth/Status Of Women/One Woman Fearless 


Reach out to hello @ to discuss working together on creating a more equitable organization. 

Rhonda Neary 

President & COO Newfoundland & Labrador Construction Association

Tonya is a powerhouse of inspiration, a beacon of wisdom and a true advocate for empowering women. As a riveting keynote speaker, she captivates her audience with her authentic and empowering messages, leaving an indelible mark on all who have the privilege of hearing her speak. As a high performance coach, Tonya's guidance propels individuals to unlock their full potential, pushing boundaries, and achieving greatness. Her passion as an educator of women's workshops is unmatched, fostering growth, and instilling the confidence needed to conquer any challenge. Tonya is a catalyst for change and an exceptional force in the journey towards a more empowered fearless and resilient generation of women.