Discover Your Life Purpose

Awaken to the life you were meant to live. Open the door to your future.

16 Week High Level Mastermind & Group Coaching Program. Step into your life, and future confidently, empowered, purposeful. 

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In This High Level, High Touch Mastermind, You will Learn:


We all have a life purpose. Some of us have a BIG life purpose. Whether it's through life's conditionings, settling, not believing YOU could be the one, or just not knowing WHAT it is, women are NOT living their biggest dreams and most purposeful lives. 


That Stops Now

The Life Purpose Blueprint is a specific formula designed to get you deep into your soul's mission, not only uncover it and the meaning of your life, but to create a MAP so you can truly bring it to life.

You Know You Were Born For More

You feel it, don't you. This part of you that has always known, had a different mindset, outlook, belief system than most of the people you know. 

You looked around but didn't see many, if any, like you. Big heart. Big soul. Big dream. 

And one of three things is happening for you:

  • You know your life purpose, or part of it, but don't know HOW to make it happen in real life
  • You were convinced by people around you, or you tried and failed, that it's not possible for you (you are being unrealistic in your dreams!)
  • You have no idea what your life purpose is. You are GREAT at almost everything but nothing pulls you in one direction and screams THIS IS IT!

Within each of these there are dozens, maybe even thousands, of minute reasons from doubt, fear, lack, scarcity, shame, that keeps us from truly knowing our life purpose. 

If we knew it, we'd do it, right?

We often hold ourselves back from knowing because it's against the grain, requires risk, stamina but you know you can handle that. The real fear is finding and going after our life purpose and not "making it". 

And other times we're so close to our genius we don't even realize it's our genius, or even a gift at all!

Sometimes our gift is the very thing we reject about ourselves and are shocked to discover "oh that?" no way!

Writing is a huge part of my life purpose. To connect women with their souls, their divinity, their power, through the stories that I am gifted with, the power of words I have been given. 

But I threw away "writing" when I was 22 and told "it's not a career choice". 

Look at me now 🤯

Your Life Purpose is waiting... 

And it has nothing to do with you. 

In fact, it has everything to do with those you will serve, the people who need YOU because your unique gifts and experiences mean that only you can do it the way you can. 

And only you can reach those people who need you. 

Your life purpose is your souls destiny. Why you came here. And why you feel unfulfilled. 

You will not feel fulfilled until you fulfill your destiny. And that requires YOU to say yes to your purpose. 

It's time to get clarity on your purpose & share your gifts with the world

If you are:

  • Tired of mundane, mediocre 
  • Sick of seeing other women with what you want while you settle
  • Not clear on your purpose 
  • Tired of going through the motions and being uninspired 
  • Tired feeling unfulfilled
  • Sick of seeking validation from people who don't get you, or it
  • Done with putting your dreams aside

And You're Ready To:

  • Gain Clarity & Discover Your Souls' Purpose 
  • Answer the call on your life and step into your greatness
  • Have an impact (and income from it!)
  • Develop unshakeable confidence in yourself and purpose
  • Claim your path and live life on your terms
  • Stop seeking validation and approval from the outside world and deepen your inner knowing


Then The Life Purpose Blueprint is for you!

Don't worry, our formulas WILL work for you to unlock your purpose, your souls destiny, claim your own brilliance so you can actually LIVE your purpose, make an impact on the world and earn an income!

What's Included

  • 16 weeks of Curriculum that you keep forever, packed with videos', worksheets, prompts and more!
  • 16 In depth Coaching Calls to guide you even deeper
  • Powerful meditations to connect you to your purpose
  • Guided shamanic practises to uncover your destiny
  • Spiritual tools to reclaim your power & purpose
  • Guided journeys to find, and set, your arrow
  • Actionable weekly items to keep you on track and moving forward
  • High Touch Coaching off social (that's right, direct messaging apps so you can protect your energy and space).
  • A small group of 12 women 
  • A community of sacred sisters on a similar path
  • Consistent free upgrades - each time we run the program, you'll receive the upgrades!
  • Direct support & Coaching with Tonya Lowest ever pricing (it will never again be available at this price, so lock it in now!)

Ready to Find - And Live - Your Life Purpose?

How would that change your life? Imagine waking up confident, knowing who you are, why you're here and what only YOU can uniquely bring to your world, and the world. 

What would it feel like to stop doubting yourself, second guessing yourself, seeking outside validation, giving up on your ideas and dreams because you think someone like YOU can't do them or make them happen. 

Imagine what it would feel like to wake up living the life you feel in your heart you were born to live?

Now I already know what you're thinking... 

What if it doesn't work for you? What if you never find your life purpose? And even this mastermind can't help you. 

Because you've done all the courses, invested in all the letters you can jam behind your name but none of them really are it. 

How is this different? And what if it doesn't work for you?

Well, that's the GREAT thing about strategies and formula's sprinkled with a little ancient wisdom and magic. 

The reality is we ALL have a purpose. The challenge is finding it. And then believing it's yours. Then taking action to accept the path you've been given. 

And the best part is I have a direct formula that awakens you to the fullest power of your soul, direct revelation process where you find, and know, 100% your soul's purpose. 

The only way this won't work for you is if you don't show up. 


All you have to do is SAY YES! I'll walk you through the rest. 

Heather Burns

I realized the answers I was seeking were inside of me. I just had no idea how to access them. The biggest thing I learned was my own power. I think on some level I always “acted” like an empowered woman externally but really my actions didn’t align with that. Working with Tonya helped me find that authentic power and my life is forever changed!


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  • 16 Weekly Group Coaching Calls
  • High Touch Access
  • Meditations
  • Journeys
  • High Vibe Community

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