Medicine For The Soul ©

A Journey of Self Discovery, Healing, and Empowerment To Reclaim Your Personal Power through Soul Retrieval.

High Level Mastermind + Course.



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Medicine for the Soul© is a groundbreaking, proven, copywritten program created and developed by Tonya Whittle, World's Leading Expert helping woman become unfuckwithable (fully embodied in your power). 


It's a journey back to you - the journey from head to heart.

Therapy, self - help, mindset have created a convoluted world that is seemingly impossible to get well in, leading down rabbit hole after rabbit hole, years of work on a single issue with no resolution.

Much of the work focuses on the surface problems, not the roots of the problems, it doesn't go deep enough, keeps us at the level of the mind and never brings us to the level of the soul. 


That Stops Now

No one wants to spend years working on an issue when life is waiting to be lived, and lived fully, with you wholly expressed in it, living your dreams, your best version of you, CEO of your own life; not trapped in a world of loops, circles and repeating problems and patterns that stop you from living the life that you were born to live. 

In Medicine for the Soul we retrieve your soul.

You know there's more... 

Medicine for the Soul was born from my own search, my own journey, being a seeker, looking for meaning in a life of hardship. 

I was looking for healing from a past I couldn't talk about and a life I was lost in, to create something better for myself than the daily, constant struggle and strife, relentless monotony of the daily grind. 

I was tired of my life and yet I was acutely aware there was more. That there had to be more, another way. 

I didn't believe I was born to suffer and die. And I went on a journey to find the answers I was seeking. I had to find it. 

The journey led me to peaks and valleys- literally and figuratively - as I travelled the outer world and my own inner world in search of what I knew was missing, but had no idea where to find it. 

Call off the search party... 

Turns out I was inside of me all along and after of every kind of therapy, shamans and sages and spiritual teachers, emotion coaches, sex coaches, mindset coaches, business coaches, life coaches finding myself with more problems than solutions... 

I wrote the 5 Step Formula to help me take control of my own life, finally.

What I was seeking was already inside of me, I just needed to know how to get there. 

Within a short time of practising these 5 steps, everything changed. Not only was I finally listening to MY OWN inner voice, but it worked, every time, no matter what my issue was

I answered the call... 

I knew this was bigger than me. I knew I had something that could transcend years for women, who like me, were tired of loops, hoops and waiting years to get the help we wanted NOW. 

Women like me, who have done it all, tried everyone and everything to become the woman we know inside we are, but outside we're not living it. 

I began teaching this to the women I was working with, and for more than 5 years this process has worked, consistently, across the board, across cultures, across continents.

Ancient Wisdom For Modern Women

The truth is everything you need is already inside of you and you just need to learn how to consistently access your own truth, by accessing your own soul. No one else can tell you who you are or what you need. The real work is getting to YOU. 

This course ends the search and turns the spotlight inside.

Proven formula's blending modern techniques with ancient wisdom in wild women style. Medicine for the Soul is a TRUE empowerment course for women who want more meaning and purpose in what seems to be a purposeless life of existence. 

Turn Decades Into Days

In Medicine for the Soul you'll release all of the difficult experiences you've had in life, learn to process your emotions, blend ancient rituals and find deep spiritual truth within yourself as you re-write the story you WANT to live and become the woman who can have that life. 

The only course you need... 

A bold, but true statement. I did the work for nearly a decade to create and master this work. You can unroot an issue and move to a place of freedom in days, not decades. 

What's Included
  • 12 weeks of Curriculum that you keep forever, packed with videos',trainings, worksheets, prompts and more!
  • 12 In depth Coaching Calls to guide you even deeper
  • Powerful meditations to bring you home
  • Spiritual tools to release your experiences & reclaim your power 
  • Guided Shamanic Journeys 
  • Actionable weekly items to keep you on track and moving forward
  • High Touch Coaching off social (that's right, direct messaging apps so you can protect your energy and space).
  • A small group of 10 women 
  • A community of sacred sisters on a similar path
  • Consistent free upgrades - each time we run the program, you'll receive the upgrades!
  • Direct support & Coaching with Tonya
  • Lowest ever pricing (it will never again be available at this price, so lock it in now!) 

Victoria Cernjak

“The only way out is through”. With Tonya’s unique ability to drill directly into the core issue I made huge progress in a short time. I learned that I am one bad ass B*tch. That I can make difficult decisions. During coaching I found my voice and really discovered that I can do anything. I believe in myself. 

The Truth Needs to Exist Somewhere Other Than Your Body

The purpose of Medicine for the Soul is to give a proven formula, step by step process of unravelling who you are not so you can become who you are.

You have a life to live! 

In medicine for the Soul you will embark on a journey to discover your most authentic self, to reclaim your personal power so you can do more than exist. 

All you have to do is SAY YES! I'll walk you through the rest. 

Heather Burns

I realized the answers I was seeking were inside of me. I just had no idea how to access them. The biggest thing I learned was my own power. I think on some level I always “acted” like an empowered woman externally but really my actions didn’t align with that. Working with Tonya helped me find that authentic power and my life is forever changed!

What Does Your Soul Say?

If you are:

  • Tired of mundane, mediocre 
  • Fed up with feeling lost and purposeless
  • Sick of merely existing and going through the motions
  • Tired of feeling negative and stuck
  • Feeling like you're waiting to live
  • Sick of seeking validation from people who don't get it
  • Done with putting yourself on the backburner 
  • Done with not knowing what you want or who you are
  • Sick of positive thinking and spiritual bypassing that's getting you nowhere

And You're Ready To:

  • Do the real inner work
  • Stop hiding the most authentic you
  • Take the journey from head to heart 
  • Step into your deepest knowing
  • Find, and listen, to your soul 
  • Unbecome who you are not
  • Embrace and CREATE the life you want
  • Stop seeking validation and approval from the outside world and deepen your inner knowing
  • Learn, and practise, ancient rituals 
  • Become the Wild Woman you were born to be 
  • Be Unfuckwithable 


Then Medicine for the Soul© is for you

Don't worry, this formula and journey will work, 100% of the time, every time and is a formula that you will be able to use for the rest of your life in any area of your life to get you unstuck, deep, and reconnected to your soul. 


Medicine for the Soul

is a modern woman's spiritual empowerment program, nothing like it exists. 

The Ancient Work that's being taught no longer resonates in a psychologically advanced society. Much of it is outdated and does not honour where modern women are today. While it can, and does help, the work is only good if it can reach the people who need it. And much of it does not resonate with today's women. 

Much of the Modern work is too driven, too forced and pushed, relying too heavily on mindset, overcoming, willpower, a deeply masculine energy. 

A woman's deepest power resides in her soul essence. Medicine for the Soul blends a more divine feminine approach with ancient rituals and wisdom that has been lost to our modern society, but is, in fact, our way through to a more meaningful and purposeful life.

There is no divinity, no soul. 

Medicine for the Soul solves this problem. Updated ancient rituals and practices for modern, advanced, empowered women allowing you to access your soul's essence and take a modern spiritual journey. 

It builds a bridge between the worlds that is easily accessible, leaving you empowered and connected, knowing who you are at the level of the soul. 


for 5 Months

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  • 12 Weekly Lessons
  • 12 Weekly Group Coaching Calls
  • High Touch Access
  • Meditations
  • Journeys
  • High Vibe Community

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  • 12 Weekly Group Coaching Calls
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