Dealing With Stress & Worry

2 hour Workshop

Join Tonya Whittle for World Class Professional Development Designed by Women for Women.

Carve out 2 hours for you. Your future self will thank you. 

September 20th 11:30AM EST/1:00PM NST. 

Do something about the damaging effects of worry and stress. Take control of your life back.

In this workshop, we explore how our habits add to our stress levels and find ways to make changes for the better.


Uncover the underlying causes of stress and worry by delving deep into their roots, and learn techniques to break free from the grip of worry and stress, transforming them into catalysts for progress. Embrace the notion that worry, fear, and doubt can serve as insightful guides and teachers.

Through this workshop, you'll master the art of engaging with these emotions and dismantling the cycle of stress and worry, empowering yourself to reclaim control and move forward confidently. 





This 2-hour course includes a live workshop, recorded and available, including worksheets and 

Learn to assess your current reactions to stress so that you can stop worrying and start working to your full potential. You will become more productive and less stressed at work and in life. You will get a greater sense of achievement as you gain more control over your life. 


 Examine different types of stress, identify underlying cause, and their impact.
 Identify ways to end the cycle of stress & worry.
 Develop strategies for managing stress. 
 Focus your energies to be more productive.


Who Should Attend?

While our professional development is specifically geared toward women (meaning it's designed with women in mind, not secondary) any individual, especially those who lead, manage and are allies to women, but also anyone who is seeking ways to have more satisfaction in their work and life, less worry and stress. 


What You’ll Learn

As the list of stress factors in today's fast-paced world continues to grow, individuals respond in diverse ways to this pressure cooker environment. Some become aggressive, while others adopt a passive approach or withdraw altogether. Regardless of the reaction, the outcome remains consistent ‚Äď both personal and professional productivity suffer, creativity dwindles, and momentum fades.

Join us in this workshop as we delve into the myriad sources of workplace stress, exploring our individual responses to these situations, and uncovering strategies to transform our habits for more effective stress management. Our focus will revolve around three key areas:

  • Identifying the Root Cause of Stress
  • Mastering Time Management
  • Attitude Control

Within each area, you will learn powerful tools and techniques that empower you to regain control and reduce stress levels. By crafting a personalized plan, you will be motivated to commit to developing new habits.

Armed with a solid understanding of stress causes and effective coping mechanisms, you'll have the capacity to influence your attitude positively and reinforce behaviours that lead to achieving your desired results.


Why You Want To Learn It

The time has come to take action against the destructive forces of stress in our lives!

For many individuals, finding a clear boundary between work and personal life proves challenging. The stress experienced at work can spill over into our homes, and vice versa, creating a never-ending cycle. The demands of work can easily overshadow other aspects of life, making it crucial to find contentment and balance in multiple areas. By adopting a holistic approach that addresses various areas of life, we can gain a better perspective on stress and its impact.

This course is dedicated to helping you achieve a healthier work-life balance by exploring key life areas and their interconnectedness. By embracing this holistic perspective, stress can be effectively managed. In the culmination of this course, we will engage in an activity that solidifies these principles, empowering you to lead a more balanced and fulfilling life. Let's embark on this journey together to conquer stress and cultivate peace in every aspect of our lives.

How It Will Help You

You will be more equipped to face the inevitable challenges and stress in your work and in your life.


  • Stress Management: Distinguishes between dynamic tension, which drives growth, and negative stress, ensuring productive responses during challenging situations.

    Attitude: Cultivates a warm, optimistic, and enthusiastic outlook in all interactions.

    External Awareness: Adopts a multi-perspective approach, acknowledging the consequences of actions on others, while staying informed about pertinent issues and trends impacting areas of responsibility.

    Interpersonal Skills: Demonstrates a consistent ability to forge enduring, meaningful relationships within and beyond the organization.

    Results-Oriented: Driven by a high drive for achievement, dedicated to accomplishing goals and finding innovative solutions to challenges.



Early Bird Bonus

The first 25 people to register will receive a BONUS stress releasing meditation guided by Tonya. Tonya's guided experiences have been called "life changing". Register early and get this journey FREE! Keep it and be guided as often as you want on a stress reducing experience. 

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About Tonya 

Tonya Whittle is a Sociologist/Anthropologist/ Human behaviour expert specializing in unravelling the social and cultural conditioning that continues to hold women back, helping women reclaim their personal power and unlock their fullest potential.

Tera McDonald 

Owner Kalawikk 

Tonya is a powerhouse. Deeply committed to her clients, she creates space for tough conversations and a soft landing for life's great truth: you were born amazing. She helps you understand what's keeping you stuck and together you move through it to renarrate your story to not only own your unique power but live your best life. I know because I've worked with her. 10/10 recommend. 

Rhonda Neary 

President & COO Newfoundland & Labrador Construction Association

Tonya is a powerhouse of inspiration, a beacon of wisdom and a true advocate for empowering women. As a riveting keynote speaker, she captivates her audience with her authentic and empowering messages, leaving an indelible mark on all who have the privilege of hearing her speak. As a high performance coach, Tonya's guidance propels individuals to unlock their full potential, pushing boundaries, and achieving greatness. Her passion as an educator of women's workshops is unmatched, fostering growth, and instilling the confidence needed to conquer any challenge. Tonya is a catalyst for change and an exceptional force in the journey towards a more empowered fearless and resilient generation of women.