Wild Woman Lux Retreat

Ready to start really living your best life? Then you're in the right place.


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Wild Woman Lux Retreat

Ready to start really living your best life? Then you're in the right place.

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SEPTEMBER 17-19th. 

Reclaim YOU.

Arriving into a weekend of bliss, of being taken care of, fed, pampered, served, this weekend is about YOU and reclaimining your most authentic self. 

Become who you are meant to be. 

Starting the weekend, we kick off with a welcome and get to know each other dinner. Followed by workshops and a fire and journey to open the weekend. 

Waking Saturday morning to a workout, followed by coffee and breakfast and a workshop on how the BODY is the seat of the soul, learn how it works energetically, how our past = our future if we don't clear it. Reclaim your health. Fall in love with your body. Next level your health journey. 


Learn how to find and release all of your limits so you can create your destiny. With powerful experiences, workshops and ancient practises blended together to create a soul awakening experience to bring you full into your power. 

Empowered Woman 

Change your energy, change your life. Awaken your destiny, discover what your soul wants, discover your life purpose, discover your future and awaken your inner map to greatest potential.

No more playing small, no more settling, no more not knowing. No more lack, no more recreating the same cycles. No more "stuck" energy. 

This is where you meet YOU at the level of your soul. And you get see the fullest possibility of who you are meant to be. 

So you can CLAIM it. 



Combined with experiences, ancient wisdom, out of the box and extraordinary is how we create an incredible life. 

I don't give you everything in advance because you need to open to the unknown in order to be able to create and claim your greatest destiny. 

If you need to "know" you stay in the known and if you stay in the known you keep creating what you know. 

Wild Women Lux is for women who are ready to create the next level, who want the unknown, who are craving different, experience, empowered in the truest sense (not fake girl power). 

Creating our greatest experiences lay in the anticipation. If we can learn to love the unknown, to be excited for the possibility, then we can create anything we want. 

Wild Woman Lux is about creating your life, not settling for it. 

It's for women who never want to be held back, who want more and are going for it. 

It's for women who are craving a new experience, who are tired of the same old same old, who want to know the next level because it's eluding you. 

It's for women who are rising into their greatest season and want to squeeze every drop out of life. 

Reclaim Your Most Authentic Self.  

Retreat away from home, be nurtured, fed, have adventure, hiking, yoga, kayaking and more...

Reset. Release. Recharge. 

Spend more time with your soul. 


What To Expect.  

Starting Friday we weave an experience with each workshop and experience building on the last, creating an immersive, expansive, soul awakening experience that brings Mind, Body, Heart, Soul together for an incredible weekend of growth. 

It's impossible to put into words what happens because it is a blend of empowerment, awakening, and magic blending modern personal development with ancient medicine and wisdom. 

It's an experience. 

Get Uncomfortable.

Comfort zones are amazing. But nothing grows there. The first step is getting out of your environment and into a new one, where you aren't held back by the beliefs and conditions that limit your life today. Saying YES to your soul, your growth, your desire is the first step! 

Spend time with like minded women

Spending time with women is critical for our soul's growth. 

Spending time with awakening women, who aren't holding themselves, raising your own vibration and standards, is key to creating an extraordinary life. The women you meet is invaluable and life changing. 

Adventure + Experience 

Live is about living. Fully. Expressed. Embodied. It's about having a vision for your life and being brave enough to create it. We'll create a higher vision, awaken your destiny while curating the most incredible experience of your life. 

Become Unstoppable.

Awaken to your fullest power, recall your soul, live with passion. Life will never be the same again. In the best way. 

What's Included :

  •  Private Accommodations (you can share with a bubble)
  • All Food/Wine (limited drinking due to the nature of the retreat but social drinks will be available for hot tub time and meals).
  • Adventures - hiking, kayaking, workouts, shamanic journeying, fires and more
  • All workshops
  • And MORE (surprises)


What Not Included: 

  • Travel to and from the retreat


Location: Private mansion in Whitbourne (45 mins from St. John's). Directions and pins will be provided on booking. 

Nearest Airport: St. John's International Airport. Private pick up can be arranged. 

Start Time: 6PM Friday. Ends 3PM Sunday. 

Arrivals 4PM + Friday. A list of what to pack will be provided. 



Pricing Options


Early Bird $888

Regular Price $997

*sharing with a friends means sharing a room and bed. Save $100 each on booking* Use Coupon Code SHARED to get the extra. You'll be prompted on purchase to add your bubble's name. 

Payment plans available on all options

ONLY 7 SPACES AVAILABLE for this unique experience. 

***there are pet friendly spaces available*** service dogs/emotional support dogs welcome.  

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Payment Plan


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