Personal Development Program

13 Moons is Tonya's Inner Circle Personal Development Program joining together mind, body, and soul to bring alignment to your life.

This program is for women who are truly ready to embody the practices of empowerment, no lip service, no struggle, no faking it - discovering the true, deep, divine embodiment of the most authentic version of you.
With 13 Moons you will meet yourself at the highest level through living practice, coaching, and community work embracing the real you.

13 Women. 13 Months.

Personal Growth Designed For Women

Most personal growth programs are compartmentalized, many were developed by men and adapted for women, and most fail to account for the cycles that women experience (high- and low-energy weeks); pushing and forcing adaptation. This toxic formula doesn't teach women to tap into their own bodies and learn what we need for optimal health.

Most mindset work bypasses emotions and intuition; conditioning us against our own knowing.

Most emotion and heart-based work teaches us to ignore logic, and can lead us down rabbit holes without learning to harness the power of emotion. 

Most soul work leaves us feeling ungrounded; unable to embrace our essence in everyday living and disconnecting us from reality.

13 Moons is for you if you are:

  • Ready to live in alignment;
  • Craving more, even if you don't know what more is;
  • Fed up with fragmented work, not accounting for all parts of you;
  • Want to live with more purpose, meaning, and passion;
  • Want to flow between the fiercest and softest parts of you;
  • Want to learn ceremonies, ancient rituals, rites of passage, and be gifted special rites;
  • Ready to activate your soul into your daily life, and
  • Ready to flow with mind, body, heart, and soul.

13 Moons helps you build a map of your inner and outer worlds, teaching you to navigate the wildness within, and easily move between worlds; no longer compartmentalizing and shutting down parts of yourself to survive.

Benefits of 13 Moons

When you’ve completed the 13 Moons program you will:

  • Feel whole and aligned;
  • Have tools to take care of all aspects of your mind, body, heart, and soul;
  • Live with full access to your soul;
  • Feel aligned in all parts of your life (and able to identify when you don't);
  • Have a personal life blueprint created for you, by you;
  • Know how to take care of your body, on your terms;
  • Know how to process your emotions and love yourself through it;
  • Be able to easily move between warrior and goddess;
  • Be gifted the rites of passage you've never been given;
  • Be gifted ancient rituals and rites and know how to use ceremony and other modalities to create an extraordinary life;
  • Know how to use modern and ancient tools together to go to the next level of your life;
  • Know how to create a vision for your life and achieve it;
  • Have alignment and flow in your life and know how to navigate the storms and,
  • Share your experience with an incredible network of women on the same road.

Deirdre Andrews

“Working with Tonya privately and in group coaching has been amazing. Tonya has helped guide me to see how my past, my behaviors and expectations had shaped who I was. With her help, support, and amazing lessons to work though I was able to heal from a devastating miscarriage and to rebuild a relationship with my oldest child that I felt I had lost due to years of post partum depression and anxiety. Tonya challenges you to be the woman that you know you can be, she helps you see your worth, and supports and guides you with her amazing insight so that you can feel inspired and happy about your life again.”