Spiritual Ceremonies

No matter the culture or society, ceremonies are performed for many occasions. These ritual observances and procedures help people connect, create structure, and understand their lives and purpose. These ceremonies are designed to help women to fully experience change and create beginnings and endings to live a more fulfilled, deliberate life.

Endings Ceremony

People are inherently bad at endings and letting go. Whether a relationship, a job, a loved one, or a phase of your life, endings often leave us struggling with moving on and creating a new beginning. In this ceremony you will learn to take the blessings and let go of the rest. Leave the past behind and step into your new life.


New Beginnings Ceremony

Part of celebrating a significant change in your life is about laying a strong foundation on which to build your new way of living. Whether it’s a new job, child, relationship, home, business or any other new beginning, this ceremony is about preparing for success in your new opportunity. This ceremony can be completed after the Ending Ceremony, or on its own anytime you have a new beginning.


Embracing Change Ceremony

The only constant in life is change. Learning to embrace change – whether it’s a change you want, or change you don’t – is the key to living a vibrant and fulfilling life. If the winds of change are blowing in your direction, or you are craving a change, this ceremony will invoke transitions and you’ll learn to embrace change – even be excited for it – as you open to new possibilities.


Victoria Cernjak

“With Tonya’s unique ability to drill directly into the core issue I made huge progress in a short time. I learned that I am one bad ass B*tch.”