EMBODY: Create
Lasting Change

Create lasting change with Tonya Whittle’s Embody workshop and discover how to change from the inside out.


Creating change is easy, but creating sustainable, long-lasting change isn't ... until now.

In the 60-minute Embody workshop, you’ll learn why you do what you do, uncover the beliefs and stories you use to justify your choices, and actionable solutions and tools to create a formula to create lasting change.

Every choice we make is to meet a need, but sometimes our choices don’t make sense to us. We say we want to lose weight, but choose to eat things not aligned with our goals; or we want to rein in our spending, but continue online shopping. Real change is hard because you’ve been conditioned to make choices to meet a need, often before you can even think it through.

This course includes a habit tracker, downloadable PDFs with easy-to-use formulas, and journal prompts to make sustainable changes to your behavior and your life.



Embody will help you change the patterns and change your outcomes, your story, your life.


Heather Burns

“I realized the answers I was seeking were inside of me. I just had no idea how to access them. The biggest thing I learned was my own power. I think on some level I always “acted” like an empowered woman externally but really my actions didn’t align with that. Working with Tonya helped me find that authentic power and my life is forever changed!”

Dawn Evans

“It was hard to learn to deal with emotions I'd never let myself feel, but there was so much space and freedom and possibility on the other side of leaning into the pain. My life has been forever changed by the tools I gained and by the incredibly supportive, strong women I met inside that space. I am a different person completely from a year ago and it's beautiful.”

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