Embark on short, guided journeys of self discovery with Tonya Whittle and discover a variety of meditative-style experiences where you connect with your highest selves, guides, power animals, and other elements to get answers you seek to life’s questions.

Find Your Inner Fire

In life our inner flame – our energy and vitality – can burn out to near ashes as we struggle with the day-to-day of a busy life. We can burn too hot, saying yes to everything and taking on too much. Our energy, when balanced, allows us to burn just right, to do what we love, avoiding exhaustion or burn out.

Discover the right balance for you, reignite your sparks, and reclaim your energy.


Get instant access to a 30-minute journey, reflections and journal prompts, and reconnect with yourself as many times as you need.

Get instant access to a 20-minute journey, reflections and journal prompts, and find your power animal, along with answers you didn’t know you're seeking. Take the journey as many times as you need.

Discover Your Power Animal

Power animals lend us their traits, they can be seen as a metaphor for life, and the qualities we wish to embody or develop in ourselves. A lion may appear for someone needing to embody courage. An elephant for someone who is learning to take up space. An eagle for someone needing to see the bigger picture. Different animals will come to help us learn, grow, and develop along our life’s journey. Finding your power animal will allow you to work with their energy in your everyday life and build the traits and qualities that you need.


Reclaim Your Power

Everyday we leak power. Whether through thoughts, beliefs, fear, or experiences with other people; we walk around leaving parts of ourselves until there’s nothing left for you. In this journey you’ll learn to take your power back from all of the places it’s been lost, leaving you feeling confident, alert, and present in your life.


Get instant access to a 25-minute journey, reflections and journal prompts, and learn how to keep or call back your power quickly every day. Take the journey as many times as you need.

Tara Cornick

“Working with Tonya is life changing. I have a good life but I knew there was more and I wanted it! I wanted to release emotions and stories that I no longer needed. I felt something was missing and Tonya helped me go deep and see what was really getting in the way of my happiness.”

Heather Burns

“I realized the answers I was seeking were inside of me. I just had no idea how to access them. The biggest thing I learned was my own power. I think on some level I always “acted” like an empowered woman externally but really my actions didn’t align with that. Working with Tonya helped me find that authentic power and my life is forever changed!”

Jennifer Reid

“Through her programs I have learned to be true to myself, to find the pieces that best fit for me, but to also stand the course - to find the balance between flow and force. Sometimes we waiver and need to take the time for flow and play, and then there are times where we need to put in the work, continue down our own paths and discover more of our truths.”