Discover Your Life Purpose


Awaken to the life you were meant to live. Open the door to your future.

Join us for a 16-week, high-level, mastermind and group-coaching program and step into your life, and future, as a confident, empowered woman with purpose.

The Life Purpose Blueprint is a specific formula designed to get you deep into your soul's mission – not only uncover it and the meaning of your life – but to create a map so you can truly bring it to life.

Your life purpose is your soul's destiny; why you came here, and why you feel unfulfilled. You will not feel fulfilled until you fulfill your destiny. And that requires you to say yes to your purpose.

If you are not clear on your purpose, tired of going through the motions, being uninspired, and sick of putting your dreams aside? Choose instead to gain clarity, claim your path, and develop an unshakable confidence in yourself and your purpose.

Are you ready to discover your purpose and change your life? Want to wake up confident, knowing who you are, why you're here, and what only you can uniquely bring to the world?

What's Included

  • A 16-week curriculum you’ll keep forever, packed with videos, worksheets, prompts, and more;
  • 16 in-depth coaching calls to guide you even deeper;
  • Powerful meditations to connect you to your purpose;
  • Guided shamanic practices to uncover your destiny;
  • Spiritual tools to reclaim your power and purpose;
  • Guided journeys to find, and set, your arrow;
  • Actionable weekly items to keep you on track and moving forward;
  • High-touch coaching via direct messaging;
  • A group of 12 women, creating a community of sacred sisters on a similar path;
  • Consistent upgrades for free as we update the program;
  • Direct support and coaching with Tonya; and
  • Lowest ever pricing (it will never again be available at this price, so lock it in now!).


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Dawn Evans

“My life has been forever changed by the tools I gained and by the incredibly supportive, strong women I met inside that space. I am a different person completely from a year ago and it's beautiful.”

Holly Hayes

“What happened was so much more, I realized I was worth so much more. I realized I had been holding shame and guilt and trying to get approval that I would never accomplish. I let it all go and am a different woman for it. My career and personal life is completely different, I've never been so productive or happy.”