Phoenix Rising

21 Day Guided Empowered Journey to Rise Higher.

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Rising From The Ashes

We've all heard of the mythical bird that regenerates - burned in the fire to ash and reborn more powerful than before. 

If you're like me, then you've been tired to ashes more than once. 

But rising back up is not always the easiest. 

And sometimes you hold yourself back from burning because you're afraid of the fire (pain). 


A Wild Woman Rising From The Ashes Like a Phoenix, to become the heroine of her own LEGEND.


Why be normal when you were born to be legendary? 

Why fit in when you were born to stand out?

Why stay down when you were born to rise?

Why stay stuck when you were born for more?

I don't care who you are, we all carry things we need to let go of in order for us to be able to fully embody the life we want to live. 

We have all fallen. We have all experienced trying to grow but feel held back. 

We all have limiting beliefs, disempowering stories and experiences that prevent us from living life to the fullest. 

Whether it's Covid 19, a global pandemic or much more, we're all being invited to rise powerfully. 


That's why I created Phoenix Rising


For 21 days you will be guided on a letting go and rebuilding experience. 

It's a guided inner strength program bringing you directly to the things you need to release. 

Then creating the new, more empowering version of you that CAN create the life you really want. 

It's an experience. It's a journey. It's an adventure. 

It's for women who are ready to rise.

What you get:

  • 21 Days of Journal Prompts
  • 3 Guided Journeys & Ceremonies  to awaken to the magic within YOU
  • 3 Live Coaching Calls (Zoom) for integration, interventions and empowerment. 

What you can expect: 

After your 21 day experience you can expect to feel more aligned, connected, alive, grounded and ready for the future. 

You will feel empowered, in your power, and you will feel like the mythical creature you are. 



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