Coaching Programs & Masterminds

A variety of programs, courses, masterminds and events, both in person and virtual guiding you to your fullest power.

13 Moons

Excavate the Wild Woman.

Live in Alignment

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Medicine for the Soul

12 Week Mastermind

A Journey of Self Discovery, Healing, and Empowerment To Reclaim Your Personal Power through Soul Retrieval.

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Life Purpose Blueprint

16 Week Mastermind

Open the door to your future. Step into your life, and future confidently, empowered, purposeful.


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Ongoing Programs

Woman, Unleashed

6 Week Course to Unleash Your Inner Wild Woman. 

Unravel your conditioning and write more empowering stories.

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45 minute workshop on breaking unwanted habits and creating new more empowering habits. 


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Phoenix Rising

21 Day Death - Rebirth experience helping you building on the ashes of the old. 


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Ceremonies & Journeys

Ceremonies and journeys are a powerful way to connect with our inner world, to honour transitions and seek higher guidance. You can also book a private journey or ceremony through 1:1 Coaching Section

Find Your Fire

Journey to your inner world, find your fire and reignite your flame.

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Endings Ceremony

Endings are critical to energetically close. In this ceremony you'll close what's over so you can open the new.


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Pachamama Journey

Journey to the earth to receive divine messages, clear karma, and learn to live in right balance. 


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Power Recall 

In this guided journey, ceremony combination, you'll find the places you've lost your power, call it back and create a ceremony to keep it. 


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Power Animal Journey

In this journey you'll find your power animal and awaken it's power in your life.


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