Unleash Your Inner Wild Woman


Unravel your conditioning and live a more empowered life with our six-week, self-guided course to Unleash Your Inner Wild Woman. You were not born to just survive. You were born to live fully; to do more than exist.

In Unleash Your Inner Wild Woman you will be guided through a journey where you come to understand your conditioning, uncover your internal disempowering stories, and unleash your deepest, wildest self.

By the end of the course you will:

  • Have a deeper understanding of who you are;
  • Understand why you do what you do;
  • Feel empowered and confident;
  • Be ready to live fully;
  • Feel alive and aligned; and
  • Have tools and skills to help you through disempowering experiences.

How Woman, Unleashed works:

Delivered in an online platform, you will immediately receive your welcome package and have instant access to Week 1 materials. Each week you will receive a new module to work through, including lesson and journal prompts, as well as meditations and deeper shamanic experiences of journeying on your own.

Your course is available to you at any time to return to for a deeper experience as you keep the course and materials forever.



Uncover your internal disempowering stories, and unleash your deepest, wildest self in this weekly online course with Tonya Whittle.


Chrissy Corbett

“I’ve worked with Tonya for a number of years. I’ve completed multiple programs and attended multiple retreats. To say I feel like a different person from where I began to where I am now doesn’t feel like enough. Tonya has helped me in leaps and bounds. I once lived in fear of what the future would bring and now I’m excited for it.”

Holly Hayes

“I realized I had been holding shame and guilt and trying to get approval that I would never accomplish. I let it all go and am a different woman for it. My career and personal life is completely different, I've never been so productive or happy.”

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