Retreats, Journeys,
and Ceremonies

From full-weekend retreats, to short, guided spiritual journeys of self discovery, to ceremonies and rituals rooted in ancient traditions, these experiences – guided by Tonya Whittle – will empower women to align your soul with your being, step into your deepest knowing, and embrace and create the life you want. Choose the right opportunities for your soul’s journey.


Wild Women Lux is for women who are ready to discover what your soul wants, your life’s purpose, and awaken your inner map to its greatest potential.

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Embark on short, guided journeys of self discovery with Tonya Whittle and discover a variety of meditative-style experiences to connect with your highest self.

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Discover ceremonies designed to help women to fully experience change and create beginnings and endings for a fulfilled, deliberate life.

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Read Unchained: A Journey to the Soul from Head to Heart and discover Tonya Whittle’s story of becoming.

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Dana Boldt

“I have been working with Tonya for a year and a half now. I’ve done the free programs, private coaching, as well as her Life Purpose Blueprint and Medicine for the Soul programs. I learn something new every single time, but none of it has been as powerful as the in-person retreat. The connection with the other women was deep, powerful, and transformative. I have never sat at a table where I felt I truly belonged until this weekend. I arrived not knowing what I needed to work on or where I needed to level up, but I left with a clear vision of what I want for myself. As an added bonus, I connected with a group of women who are inspiring and supportive. This quick trip from Ontario was life changing and worth every cent.”