In these spiritual empowerment programs, you’ll be guided by Tonya Whittle, but do the work yourself. Choose from long-form courses or short, personal workshops to align your soul with your being, step into your deepest knowing, and embrace and create the life you want.

Woman, Unleashed

A six-week course to Unleash Your Inner Wild Woman; unravel your conditioning and write more empowering stories.

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Phoenix Rising

A 21-day death/rebirth experience helping you build anew on the ashes of the old.

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A 45-minute workshop on breaking unwanted habits and creating new, more empowering habits.

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Kelly Swain

“Tonya holds an incredible and safe space for you and others to fully show up. She is the most authentic woman, that truly lives and loves from heart, showing up so unapologetically as her true self allows you to as well. Tonya welcomes you and takes you on a journey that you aren’t even aware that you’re on. Her preparation, knowledge and intuitive guidance allow her to create a flow that naturally opens and heals. By the end of Wild Woman Lux, I was lighter, clearer and connected. Empowered with a new sense of purpose and the support and means to take me to the next level.”

Deidre Andrews

“Working with Tonya privately and in group coaching has been amazing. Tonya has helped guide me to see how my past, my behaviors and expectations had shaped who I was. With her help, support, and amazing lessons to work though I was able to heal from a devastating miscarriage and to rebuild a relationship with my oldest child that I felt I had lost due to years of post partum depression and anxiety. Tonya challenges you to be the woman that you know you can be, she helps you see your worth, and supports and guides you with her amazing insight so that you can feel inspired and happy about your life again.”